Thanks for a great summer!

Earn one year of high school language credit in three weeks! Summer 2019—BYU's Provo campus

An intensive French language learning experience...
...ideal for the highly motivated high school student*

What will I do?

Friends with food
  • Fun and interactive classroom experience
  • Hands-on activities and creative cultural experiences
  • Build proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Prepare for college-level French
  • Learn how to succeed in high school French
  • Earn one year of first-, second-, third- or fourth-year high school French credit.
  • Prepare for travel to French-speaking countries
  • Improve your resume for college admission

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For more information please contact the program manager at 801-422-5935 or

* Grades 8–12 for 2018–19 school year; 14 years old before June 5, 2019; successfully completed at least one full year of French. Must not turn 19 before June 27, 2019.