Participant Feedback

Camp Testimonials

The friends you make here are for life. —Lauren

I loved French camp! I made so many new friends, and it was so much fun to spend an entire two weeks with the awesome leaders, friends, and counselors!  I'm much more confident about speaking French now, and I also learned so much about the culture! I strongly recommend everyone who has a passion for France should join. I know at least for me I'm definitely planning on coming back next year!  French Camp allows all students to expand on the language, and all students have the opportunity to have an awesome learning experience, meet new people who share the same interest in the language, eat amazing food, and gain new skills while in a positive environment. —Sophie

Camp has really helped me improve my speaking as well as my writing, I really recommend it for anyone that wants a challenge.I loved my counselors! Definitely stay on the dorms, you learn so much more that way!  —Alyssa

French Camp is an incredible learning experience by complete immersion in the language. I learned a ton.  —Savanna

French Camp is AWESOME!!! Your ability to comprehend and speak French increases exponentially in only a few days, and you also make amazing friendships with people who share your passion for French.  —Rachel  

French Camp was an awesome experience! I have learned not only how to speak the French language better, but I have also learned about new cultures, how to cook, how to paint, and much much more!  —Sarah

I loved French Camp! It was so much fun getting to speak as much French as I wanted and getting taught in French. I feel like a learned a ton in a really fun way! —Amelia

I am from out of state so living in the dorms was an amazing experience. I got to meet and spend time with so many new people and the evening activities were so much fun! The counselors speak French so it was a big help in learning to speak more fluently and often. They can even help with homework! The language class was really amazing and I learned a lot. I am extremely glad that I went to this camp and I'm never going to forget it. I hope to come back next year!  —Alicia M.

French Camp was a fun experience! I was able to make many friends there, improve my French, and truly saw just how much I could do. It was definitely something I would like to do again.  —Britney

French Camp has been so fun because I have improved my French, made awesome new friends, and will always remember the fun times in the dorms! Thanks for the amazing summer experience!  —Kaitlyn

Staying in the dorms is really worth the price.  Because the camp is so long, you really get to become good friends with everyone else.  Also, THE COUNSELORS ARE AWESOME!  —Kathryn

I have loved French camp so much! BYU does an AMAZING job coordinating and pulling it all together. It has been so much fun to be able to improve a lot in French and make a bunch of new friends.  —Elizabeth

Whatever your French teacher's boasted about BYU French Camp, it's even better! I learned more in 2 1/2 weeks than I have in a whole year and most people have in two or three years. If I can take it again, I will. Can't wait to be proficient.  —Angel

French camp is a great place to put what you know in the language to the test and then help that knowledge of the language grow.  —Nick

French Camp improved both my abilities and confidence in the French language immensely, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  —Sabrina

Being completely immersed in French all day helped me to learn at a much faster pace and improved my proficiency!  —Madi

French camp was such an amazing experience. I grew so much more confident in my French speaking and the teachers and counselors were amazing.  —Sage

I really loved French Camp! The classes were fun and the teachers were amazing and ready to help you if you didn't understand a concept. The classes were great that they were either in complete or almost entirely in French immersion (depending on the group level), so that really helped with learning and getting to understand French better. The food from the Cannon Center was always super good!!  —Lauren

French camp was the best choice I have made linguistically because it really helped my French skills to evolve in such a way that I was able to converse with my teachers and counselors easily, and which caused me to grow a love for the French language.  —Danesh

I cannot believe how much I learned in 2 1/2 weeks! The teachers are so amazing and they are always willing to help. You feel really comfortable with the people there! I met so many new people! French Camp was a wonderful experience. I was immersed into a wonderful language and culture. At French Camp I was challenged to actually use the French language in conversations that are real and useful in everyday life.  —Emma

French camp has helped me improve my language skills immensely while still having a ton of fun doing it.  —Morgan

Going to French Camp was one of the best decisions I've ever made!  —Raegen

French Camp was a great way to increase both my speaking and writing abilities, in a very short time. I highly recommend it to people of all skills levels.  —Chase

French Camp was amazing. I had so much fun, learned a lot, and made incredible friends. Staying in the dorms was awesome, and everything is well planned out. You learn so much and have an amazing experience that you cannot get anywhere else. French Camp is AMAZING!  —Cassandra

I loved French camp!!!! My ability to speak skyrocketed in the two and a half weeks I was here. The teachers are awesome and they helped me become confident in the language. French Camp was a really fun experience both inside and outside the classroom. Because I went to French camp, I have accelerated in French, more than I would have during a regular school year.This camp is a great opportunity to practice your French speaking and learn to speak French more! Also, you can make a ton of friends!  —Odin

I loved attending BYU French camp this year! It was a great experience that helped improve all aspects of my French. I was able to meet a lot of great new friends, and I really gained the confidence that I needed to start speaking French! French Camp was great! The fun activities made learning French easy.  —Claire

French Camp was a great experience for me in my life. When I first started to learn French I knew a lot of the grammar rules and vocabulary terms, but I didn't really know how to speak or to form sentences well. As soon as I started to classes and workshops that the camp had to offer, I felt more confident in my speaking and writing abilities. This camp has also helped me learn more about French history the contributions that the French made to the world as well. This camp has also helped me understand and appreciate France and other countries that the have been influenced by France as well. Because of this camp I have also met a lot of good friends that have helped me understand French better and who have made the experience more fun. The in-dorm counselors were amazing, fun, and willing to help you with any questions that you have, especially in French. I would definitely recommend this camp to any others who want to learn or progress in French.

French Camp is an interesting and phenomenal experience. You gain French knowledge on multiple fronts: the culture, the language, the sports, etc. Amazing bonds are formed between the students and teachers; as well as the creation of long-lasting friendships. Truly an amazing experience. C'est fantastique!

I learned so much more about French than I was expecting. The classes here are phenomenal, and my skills and overall knowledge have definitely improved.  —Jared Davies

You learn by talking. It's so fun to learn about a country in their language.

French Camp was amazing! It's incredible how much you learn in such a short amount of time.