Teacher and Parent Feedback

Feedback from a parent:

"I wanted to be sure to thank you for an exceptionally well–run French Camp. My son had an amazing experience. He has made many new friends from all around the world, received a high-level education, learned to cook, fence, sing popular songs, play games, participated in plays—all in French. He hasn't stopped talking about it. I've already been treated to a baked brie delight and amazing crepes. Last year we actually went to France, and he wasn't this excited—nor did he receive this level of education!"

Feedback from teachers:

"The BYU camp had a very positive motivational effect on both L and R. R is much more motivated and speaks French even when she could get away with English. I was already fairly motivated but she has quicker recall and far better comprehension than others in her class. R told me the other day that she is going to major in French when she gets to the university! Now it's her very favorite thing to do. What a change!" —AB

"I think the biggest benefit was confidence. Attending camp was so good for A because she was able to use her skills with new people and in a greater variety of situations. She returned ready to dive into the AP curriculum and remained confident the entire school year." —RM

"I have noticed a significant improvement in her oral skills and fluency. I observed progress in her verbal performance after camp, especially compared to other students, who if anything, showed a loss in their French oral proficiency over the summer." —VW

"M has been a star participant in classroom discussions, and she tends to speak in French all of the time, even when asking technical grammatical questions. She also doesn't worry as much about making mistakes and just puts herself out there. I noticed her fluency has improved as well." —CW

"P really loves French, and the camp only enhanced her passion to learn. The camp helped her be more comfortable in taking risks during oral performances. Her vocab has expanded, and she feels less overwhelmed in front of a difficult task." —CT

"N is a true leader, and I believe that attending the BYU French summer camp over several summers has inspired him to speak as much French as possible AND has inspired other students to do the same." —VD